Our corporate home is located near the intersection of Interstate 15 and Interstate 10 in Southern California’s Inland Empire, the region of the west coast most commonly chosen by trucking, logistics, warehousing and distribution companies for their California operations.

Our facility consists of two separate modern buildings on 9 acres within 2.5 miles of the I-10 and I-15 intersection and within a twenty-five mile radius of tens of millions of square feet of logistics and distribution operations. Opened in 2005 and expanded in 2013, our facility offers 100,000 square feet of modern warehouse and logistics space with clear spans, 24’ clearance and ESFR (early suppression, fast response) fire systems.

The buildings have 54 truck height doors and four drive-on doors. We use a combination of propane and electric fork-lifts of varying size and capacity and operate a fleet of Tico yard trucks in support of our operations. The facility, at capacity has parking space for over 150 53’ units.

We provide a variety of services at our Fontana facility including:

  • Consolidation
  • Pool distribution
  • Transload
  • Rework of overweight and shifted shipments
  • Shuttle relay
  • Yard pull
  • Short term secure cargo/trailer/container storage
  • Project management
  • Intermodal service
  • Dedicated trucking
  • Blocking and bracing
  • Custom solutions

Techology: RDS has developed a proprietary Management Information System (MIS) on a Microsoft client/server network with cloud and offsite redundancy. We have a fully secured system with access to three T-1 lines (optical, wireless and wired). Electric power is provided by SCE while automatic transfer switches transfer our connection to on-site generated power provided by two Generac diesel generators totaling 225 kw capacity. Wireless internet is distributed throughout the facility. Trucks are outfitted with Samsung tablets which utilize proprietary software to communicate between the vehicles and our MIS.

Tractors are outfitted with state of the art telematics that communicate shipment status to our MIS via cellular and simultaneously transfer the vehicles’ GPS location, speed and related data. Dispatch is updated by driver status messaging and, where requested, automated processes distribute status messages to customers electronically via preference of EDI or API. Repetitive origins and destinations are geofenced which enables real time relay of accurate status messaging.

Security: Our facility is completely fenced with a combination of block wall and heavy grade, barbed wire-topped, cyclone fence. Extensive LED lighting throughout the lot provides near-daytime visibility throughout the night. We have an elevated security office which is manned by a uniformed security 24 x 7. We maintain a guard dog on premises that walks post inspections with the duty guard. The entire facility is under video surveillance 24 x 7. Reception, security and select managers have video feeds on their desktop computers. Building entrances are connected to a swipe card system.

Personnel are issued swipe cards permitting entry on a pre-planned limited basis. Records are electronically maintained of entry and exit at the facility. Truck gates are steel with automatic secured operators that are in the possession of employees charged with facility access authority. Foreign equipment (equipment not under the control of RDS drivers) is checked in and out and inspected by security personnel 24 X 7.