Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Customerized™ Solutions
& Fast, Friendly Service

  • Instantaneous reporting with a ‘real time’ view of your freight status from our Dispatch Command Center:
  1. In-truck GPS and digital status messaging current to 15 minutes
  2. Customerized status messages, tailored to your requirements
  • Insta-Doc: Internet-based Freight Documentation Retrieval (24/7)
  • Five years’ worth of Freight Documentation Retrieval
  • Customer-Carrier electronic interfaces, completely Customerized for you, deliverable in any report format and at your preferred frequency.
  • 100 percent paperless processes
  • The most highly qualified and best supported Dispatchers
  • Driver retention and competence among the highest in the industry
  • Customer service that’s Customerized for you with customer service representatives completely dedicated to their individual accounts.
  • Shipment status current to 15 minutes
  • Your freight Status Events are completely Customerizable to your requirements
  • Consistent on-time performance for high volume accounts in the area. Rail Delivery Services has achieved 99-100 percent for national accounts for five years (major retailers).
  • Personalized WebTrak access
  • Personalized Insta-Doc access
  • After-hours management resources always available

Bid Rates Give Access to the Largest Pool of Domestic Intermodal Power in the Area:

  • Over 90 digitally connected tractors operating daily
  • Drivers consistently available to handle customer emergencies

Insta-Doc, a Rail Delivery Customizable Service

  • All transportation documents scanned and available on the Internet within 48 hours of service completion
  • Your documents retained and available for five years from service completion


WebTrak, Rail Delivery Internet-secured Access to Your Freight Status

  • Real-time secured access
  • Driver location, speed and status of freight movement
  • Dispatch movement notes containing all shipment actions
  • Viewable by unit number, customer order, bill of lading, shipper and receiver

Rail Delivery Services assures the accurate, proactive and timely status of freight communications, performs pick-up and delivery on time and provides complete and current information on work-in-progress, seven days, 24 hours a day, in multiple formats easily and quickly accessible.

It’s easy to see that Rail Delivery Services offers many valuable, efficiency-based services not offered by other carriers, while making electronic access available to you 24/7 and Customerizing all services to your needs.




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