Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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About WebTrak

RDS's WebTrakTM software system
lets you find it right now!

wtk screenRDS’s WebTrak™ helps you maintain control

WebTrak™, an advanced system to which you have direct password protected access via the Internet, tracks your freight electronically and provides you with location and estimated time of arrival instantly. RDS introduced it on the Internet in March 1995, and we have been lonely too long! We are actively doing EDI transactions over the internet and we encourage all our partners to consider using secure e-mail and/or FTP to exchange X12 and proprietary format documents.

WebTrak™ can find your
freight instantly!

The “information highway” is now on the Internet and its traveling intermodal! From the time of loading at origin to the unloading dock at destination, you never lose sight of your shipment with WebTrak™. Whether your computer is in your office, on your lap, at home or surfing at the coffee shop, you can plug in and trace, ship or simply watch your shipment move. With RDS’s interactive database, customers can now locate their freight and track it from origin to destination. There’s no more guessing and a lot more peace of mind.

Locate and track your freight

On WebTrak™’s interactive web site, you can find your freight’s location on a given highway. You can know, within a range of a few minutes, its estimated arrival time at the dock. Want to get more specific? How about the traveling speed of the truck? Or whether the railroad has grounded the container? Or is the truck parked? Up-to-the minute reporting is yours on WebTrak™. It’s almost as if you had a direct connection with the container. Well now you do!

Move into the technologically advanced marketplace now

Businesses that use technology to create interconnected relationships with customers enjoy a significant advantage in today’s economy. Inexpensive and easy to access technology, specifically the Internet provides the infrastructure needed to revolutionize the fundamental business models of corporations of all sizes. It transforms supply chains into seamless direct relationships between transportation suppliers, manufacturers and their customers.

Create happy customers and employees

This state-of-the-art system affords the highest possible level of assurance and comfort of freight movement and delivery. This technologically sound system with its proven track record can make a major impact in customer satisfaction. With WebTrak™, you always know where your freight is. Technology’s time is now. Anyone can run a race. It’s how well you run the race that determines whether or not you will win.


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