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LTL Freight Logistics Management Los Angeles & Inland Empire CA

Rail Delivery Services, a premier provider of intermodal drayage, dedicated trucking, and consolidation services has joined the BlockChain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), formed by experienced technology and transportation professionals who will work to build the first set of LTL freight management industry blockchain standards.

Our railroad intermodal business remained our main activity until we built our Fontana facility at which time we took on warehousing, transloading, consolidation and dedicated fleet customers. Our original dBase invoicing system from 1982 continued to evolve and move to more modern languages and platforms over the years. In 2017, RDS took another leap forward with a newly designed and developed system that operates on the most stable and reliable platform available.

As the Internet evolved RDS added WebTrak – a resource where customers could see, in near real time, where their freight shipments were in the delivery or shipping cycle including the drivers present location and speed.

RDS has, from its very beginning, worked exhaustively in the intermodal industry to improve processes, encourage best practices, create cross-modal equity and generally increase the maturity and professionalism of intermodal trucking.