Rail Delivery has a longstanding reputation as the leading technology-enabled trucker in Southern California. Rail Delivery’s original dispatch software, which was first written in the 1980s, continues to be in use by truckers throughout the country. In 2017, RDS launched its next-generation dispatch platform to meet and exceed the needs of our customers for instant data updates and paperwork as well as to maximize the productivity of our drivers. RDS is committed to capitalizing on the latest advances in technology to offer industry-leading service, efficiency, and communication. Please see some of the highlights of the RDS technology suite:

Instant Access to Shipping Documents

Through RDS’s proprietary in-cab communications and imaging platform, drivers immediately upload required BOLs, PODs, and other documents for our customers’ instant access. Rail Delivery provides these shipping documents to our customers faster than anyone in the business.

Real Time Status Event Updates

RDS connects with its customers via API or EDI to instantly deliver updates on any required transit update to include departures, arrivals, ETAs, etc. Rail Delivery’s proprietary system utilizes geofencing and telematics to provide an industry leading level of instant communication.


Need tracking in the middle of the night or on a holiday? RDS Webtrak gives our customers the ability to track shipments 24/7 from the convenience of any internet connection anywhere in the world.

Rail Delivery Dispatch System

Rail Delivery’s proprietary dispatch suite eliminates redundant phone calls, computer input, and busy work so that we can focus our talents on planning and managing any exceptions that arise. Our team is freed to strategize and proactively manage transportation issues. The RDS technology experience is key to the success of the RDS personal experience.