Zone Skip

Los Angeles Zone skip involves shipping parcels or less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. Instead of delivering such shipments straight to the carrier, goods and/or materials to be shipped are consolidated by destination region and sent in a single, larger shipment. This gets the goods and/or materials closer to the delivery point which is where the delivery carrier picks them up.

RDS hasalways been both a transportation and technology company. Our original dBase invoicing system from 1982 continued to evolve and move to more modern languages and platforms over the years. In 2017, RDS took another leap forward with a newly designed and developed system that operates on the most stable and reliable platform available. This platform is fully compatible with all current technology including artificial intelligence and utilizes truck based geo-positioning to calculate shipment status and the potential for service interruptions. This proprietary system incorporates desktop, mobile, cloud, and advanced in-cab telematics.

Rail Delivery's proprietary dispatch, in-cab, and communication technology leads the industry and provides drivers, employees, and customers with the best possible transportation experience. Today's customers need real-time information on shipment status and RDS has the tools and processes to deliver on this requirement better than anyone in the country. The RDS technology suite also includes the capability to provide critical shipment documents to customers instantly.